Among the 5 major international airports in India,  Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore, Pune is directly connected by air only to Delhi and Mumbai which are served by a large number of international airlines.  There are only a few flights between Delhi and Pune daily.  There are also a few flights between Mumbai and Pune  daily although the flight time is less than 30 minutes.

Most of the international flights arrive in Mumbai or Delhi late in the night or past midnight while flights to Pune leave in the morning or later,  often requiring a stay of several to many hours at the airport.  A transfer from the international terminal to the domestic terminal by bus or taxi  (about 5 kms) is also required, both at Delhi and Mumbai. It may therefore be  advisable to check in to a hotel to get some well-deserved rest after a long flight before taking  the flight to Pune.

For those  arriving  at Mumbai by international flights, it may be more practical to  take the  3-hour taxi ride (~INR 2000) directly to the hotel at Pune . Alternatively,  you may check into a hotel in Mumbai for the night and take the 3-hour taxi ride next day after breakfast or later. 

The organizing committee will try to make arrangements to receive every participant  arriving by an international flight at Mumbai airport and arrange the direct taxi ride to Pune.  For those wishing to stay overnight at a hotel (~ INR 3000) ,  taxi ride to the hotel as well as the taxi ride from the hotel to Pune next day will be  arranged.  More information on hotel charges at Mumbai and the reservation procedure will be provided later at the website.