Satellite Workshop on New Generation Cerenkov Imaging Telescopes
Aug 1-2, 2005; Mumbai, just before the 29th ICRC

A Satellite meeting on "New Generation Cerenkov Imaging Telescopes" will be held at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai during August 1-2, just before the 29th International Cosmic Ray Conference at Pune, August 3-10, 2005. The Workshop will provide an opportunity to share the varied experience gained by various groups active in the field of GeV-TeV and help in evolving strategies and forging collaborations for building the next generation telescopes. The Workshop will comprise about 15 invited talks and some contributed presentations related to the following broad topics:

(a) Photo-detectors
(b) Data acquisition systems
(c) Trigger configurations
(d) Light collector optics
(e) Drive control systems
(f) Simulation studies at low energy
(g) Source populations and prime targets

Transport arrangements will be made to take the participants to Pune on the evening of August 2nd, soon after the conclusion of this meeting.

Limited accommodation, available at the BARC guest house will be provided on first come-first serve basis.

For more information please send email to or
Organising Committee : B.S.Acharya (TIFR), V. Chitnis (TIFR)
R.K.Kaul (BARC, Secretary), R.Koul (BARC, Convener), T.P.Prabhu (IIA)
and P.R.Vishwanath (IIA).