(1)  Excursion  to  Giant  Meterwavelength  Radio  Telescope  (GMRT),  Ojhar  Temple
and  Shivneri  Fort

Buses will leave the hotels at 09:00 h for the GMRT which is ~100 km east of Pune, reaching GMRT at  ~11:00 h. Participants would be shown the 12 antennae (each 45 m in diameter) of the Central Square and the Control room and various facilities for observations with the GMRT. Lunch would be served at ~12:00 h and the buses would start for the Ojhar temple at 13:00 h reaching there at ~13:30 h.  The Ojhar temple is one of the 8 'Ashtavinayak' temples dedicated to the  Lord Ganesha which are located within about 200 km of Pune. A visit to all the 8 temples of the group is a much sought after pilgrimage for many people in the Pune region who are devoted to Lord Ganesha. The buses will leave the Ojhar temple  complex at 14:00 h for the Shivneri Fort reaching there by ~14:30 h.  The  Shivneri fort, famous for its central role in the long-drawn battle between the Maratha rulers in the Pune region and the armies sent by the Mughal King ruling from Agra during the 16th century is located at about 500 m altitude above the surrounding valley and provides a breath-taking view of the valley and the surrounding hills.  It is somewhat strenuous to climb up to the upper areas of the Fort and may not be advisable for all the participants. The buses would start from the Shivneri Fort for the 2-hour journey back to the hotels in Pune at 17:00 h. Please note that small changes in the program may be dictated by the intensity of the monsoon rains on the day of the excursion.

Charge : INR 1000, including lunch at GMRT and tea/coffee supplied by the roadside vendors.

(2)  Excursion to Simhgad Fort and places of interest in and around Pune

Buses will leave the hotels at 09:00 h for the Simhgad Fort which is ~40 km west of Pune,  reaching there at ~10:30 h. Participants may walk around the Simhgad  Fort for about 2 hours and enjoy the lovely natural setting of the place. Buses will leave the Fort at 12:30 h for the  Guest House where lunch will be served at 13:30 h. The buses would visit several places of interest in and around Pune  in the afternoon giving a glimpse of the history and culture of Pune  as well as its bazaars  and
shopping areas.

Charge : INR 1000, including lunch and  tea/coffee supplied by roadside vendors. 

The number of seats available for each excursion are limited. Therefore the participants are requested to reserve their seats in the excursion of their choice as early as possible by making payment at the time of the registration.  The deadline for the reservation for the excursions is 19:00 h, Aug 05 (Fri), 2005.