Dear Colleague,

We are happy to inform you that the Proceedings of the 29th International
Cosmic Ray Conference, Pune, August 2005, are now available for purchase
by individuals or libraries, as follows:

SH volumes only : 2 volumes .... INR 3,000

HE volumes only : 3 volumes .... INR 4,000

OG volumes only : 4 volumes .... INR 4,000

Rapporteur/Review/Highlight Volume only .... INR 4,000

Complete set of Proceedings (SH+HE+OG+RRH) .... INR 13,000
(1 U.S. $ ~ INR 48 in August 2006)

The price mentioned above includes the shipping charge by AIR.

Please write to the ICRC 2005 Secretariat at

for enquiries and placement of the order.

Please send the above information to the Librarian of your Physics
Departmental Library as well as to the Librarian of your institiution's
Main Library. Thanks.

The contents of the Proceediungs are on display at the website:

With regards and best wishes.

Secretariat, ICRC 2005
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research